About Us



Deena Coffman uses her decades of experience working with and in technology teams to inform her counsel to clients.  Her insights are not limited to the technology, but also incorporate the associated financial opportunities, risks and trends.  Working with executives and counsel at companies such as Johnson & Johnson, BNYMellon, Fidelity, JP Morgan, Deloitte, Sovereign General, Verisk and Travelers, she has succeeded on more than one project after others had failed.  She turned a failing IT department into an award-winning team in less than 2 years and saved one client several millions of dollars in just the first year of her work.  She is most often described as "customer focused"  "reliable" and "giving sound, practical advice." 

Partners and Affiliates


Information Security

We partner with skilled, reputable providers for PCI compliance, penetration testing, Web application testing, vulnerability management, patch management, system hardening, forensic collection and analysis, project management, SIEM configuration, threat intelligence, policy and procedure development, training and documentation.

Data Privacy

We partner privacy consultants and counsel to scale up quickly for data breach response and for prevention and  compliance program build outs.


The volume of data, storage, threat indicators and artifacts is far too great for manual processes. We actively look to match clients with the right technology tool that fits their specific environment and risk profile.